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Falcon 9 first stage at SpaceX HQ USA

I was in California for a business trip recently and had the opportunity to use a free Saturday to go surfing with the engineering team. To their surprise and intrigue I turned this down. Instead, I took a 2 hour drive across the I-105 to Hawthorne.

When one thinks of California, one imagines sunshine drenched beaches. This particular day was overcast, the highway was packed with traffic, and car advertisements on the radio every 5mins were driving me insane. However, I was more interested in the destination than the journey (in this case).

SpaceX HQ.

Turning off the highway onto Crenshaw Blvd one can see it peeking out from behind buildings. It’s just parked there, out in front, matter-of-fact.

The Falcon 9 first stage.

I left the vehicle just to the side on Jack Northrop Drive and walked over. It was so close, but just out of reach behind a glass boundary wall. This was a Saturday morning, and there were SpaceX bumper sticker’d cars and access control badged employees around. Work was getting done.

It was surreal to stand there in front of this icon, and amongst the people who made it happen.

I was reminded of the brilliantly choreographed landings of two Falcon Heavy boosters - my tech highlight for 2018.

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