Adventures on Planet Earth

Johannesburg to Musina

View from a hilltop in Musina South Africa

In December 2002 I traveled as far north of Johannesburg as one can go in South Africa. Way up to a little town called Musina just bordering Zimbabwe. There, on the top of a water reservoir overlooking a valley, a group of us stood and watched day turn to night in ...

A tour around the Cape region of South Africa

View from Cape Point in South Africa

I am often asked by friends to recommended things to see and do in South Africa. Here is a recent recommendation for a very busy 1.5 week trip around the Cape region, centered in that gorgeous city, Cape Town.

  • grab some food at the V&A waterfront (tourist hotspot)
  • relax ...

Blog creation with Pelican

This is how Pelican can be installed under Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and used to create a blog. It is based on the recommended approach described in the official Pelican documentation website.

The following code is run from the command line. The command line can be accessed using the keyboard shortcut ...