Adventures on Planet Earth

Bedford Autodrome

Seven in the pit

After a long debate with myself, I decided to take the Caterham to a track day - its natural habitat after all. With plenty of grassy run off areas, Bedford Autodrome is regarded as a very safe track for beginners.

Driving around a track on a sunny day was expected to be ...

1 Rocket Road

Falcon 9 first stage at SpaceX HQ USA

I was in California for a business trip recently and had the opportunity to use a free Saturday to go surfing with the engineering team. To their surprise and intrigue I turned this down. Instead, I took a 2 hour drive across the I-105 to Hawthorne.

When one thinks of California ...


Gliding circuit

First solo flight recap:

  1. Winch ground run and take-off. Keep wings level. Hang on for dear life.

  2. Ascent. Realise my aileron rudder-control needs more practice. Crosswind isn’t helping. Try fewer control inputs.

  3. Cable release. Hear the characteristic back-release knock and give a sigh of relief. Fiddle with the trim control ...

Winch, this is Control, come in.

Aston Down airfield United Kingdom

I spent this morning out in the damp cold working on the family car. Summer seemed a long time ago and I reminisced about a particularly good few days at Aston Down.

This is a picture through the windscreen of an old double-decker bus parked on the runway - the air control ...

Johannesburg to Musina

View from a hilltop in Musina South Africa

In December 2002 I traveled as far north of Johannesburg as one can go in South Africa. Way up to a little town called Musina just bordering Zimbabwe. There, on the top of a water reservoir overlooking a valley, a group of us stood and watched day turn to night in ...